🛠️ Get Started with Metamedia v1.0

🪨 The Basics

▶️ What Is Metamedia?

Envisioned by Noah Pred and coded by somaticbits with support from Refraction DAO’s community grant program, the Metamedia file template is an interactive chain-agnostic multi-layer format designed to encourage new modes of digital-native multimedia work from artists of all backgrounds and disciplines.

The goal is to provide an accessible, easily-editable template for artists to create interactive multimedia work comprised of multiple layers — with no coding background required. You can view Metamedia pieces in action here. Hover your mouse over a piece to find the layer controls: press the play button to start the audio and video layers, and turn different layers off and on using their circular toggles.

📚 Creating Your Library

The Metamedia Interactive File Format is essentially an HTML library. This is a small collection of your media assets, like images, videos, audio, or text. Using custom CSS, our template is designed to seamlessly combine your media files into an interactive format without any coding skills required. To start, please click here to download the template and follow the steps linked below.

📺 What Media Can I Include?

⚙️ Next Steps

First, prepare your media asset layers, then assemble and create your Metamedia.

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